Our Values & Mission

What we stand for

Health from Transylvania is a friendly organization and we are driven by a set of values and principles that represent our culture.

❉ They are are fundamental to everything we do and support our evolution as human beings and as a company.

❉ We are on a perpetual quest for a balanced lifestyle through sport, insane amounts of time spent into nature and a diversified diet.

❉ Because with time passed and new knowledge gained through many hundreds of hours of personal research, we came to the conclusion that a healthy and joyful way of living starts and ends with a balanced diet and a peaceful mind.

❉ We are all about:

  • peace
  • love and empathy
  • happiness
  • self-actualization
  • life balance
  • diversity
  • freedom of speech and spirit
  • support and community
What we pledge to offer

❉ We firmly believe that the complete satisfaction of our customer is the only goal to look forward to. 

❉ We are committed to respect the highest standards of business ethics based on mutual confidence and respect for our friends - both customers and business partners.

❉ Back in Romania we started to grow more aware of what we eat and we tried to find the best responsible sources for our food.

❉ And as our search for better, healthier food was mixed with our love for nature, it wasn't long until Transylvania became our go-to place for both. 

❉ Because - please believe us - Transylvania  has quite a lot to offer.

❉ Thus, our company is committed to bringing you the freshest natural flavors of our ancestors' lands in Transylvania, packed in an exquisite selection of jams and herbal teas locally produced in that part of the world.

❉ Our premium products are unique and are made with sustainable methods using the finest quality real fruits, vegetables, condiments and herbs, grown in the wild or in organic gardens.

Montreal, QC, Canada
Last updated: August 28, 2019


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