cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)

cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) healthy natural medicinal herbs condiments spices

« The antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of cloves is higher than many fruits, vegetables and other spices and should deserve special attention »

Common name(s): cloves

Family: Myrtaceae

Origin: Asia

Parts used: flowers

Constituents: essential oil (eugenol, eugenol acetate, β‑caryo­phyllen), flavonoids, organic acids, gallic acid, digalloyl hexosidea, galloyl‐acetylglucosea, chlorogenic acid, quercetin, dimethoxyluteolinc, vitamins (K, C), minerals (manganese)

Therapeutic actions: antioxidant, antimicrobial, analgesic, antispasmodic, antiviral, anti-oxidative, citotoxic, genotoxic

Organs or systems affected: central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, blood, immune system, bones, skin

Main medicinal uses:

  • fights growth of bacteria
  • relieves respiratory infections
  • improves digestion and liver health
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • reduces inflammation
  • enhances sexual health

Counterindications: Generally regarded as safe when consumed in normal daily amounts. Avoid use during pregnancy. It may increase your bleeding, so use with caution if you are in this risk category.

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